We have developed a simulation tool to provide investors, analysts and entrepreneurs an insight into the potential financial impacts of natural capital pricing, such as greenhouse gas emissions, so they can assess potential risks and opportunities. However, this tool is intended to be just a “wake up call” and not an investment decision-making. Considering that all financial and emission data refer to the past, as a static photograph, but carbon pricing will be a dynamic future event, we suggest some questions for the Companies for deeper analysis:

– What percentage of the future cost can be passed on and minimize negative impacts?

– What are the emission reduction projects, what are their costs and effectiveness?

– Does the company already have compensations implanted or considered?

All these questions impact the final results of a company and their variables can be simulated in a simple and practical way.

The carbon pricing scenarios from the Paris Accord become even more likely and closer, learn more.


Next steps

After the release of the beta version (December 2016), a comparison of companies, sectors and simulation of indicators other than EBITDA will be included, as well as other potential sources of risks and opportunities besides GHG.


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